The celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów- the outline of events

2020/21 is an extraordinary year for the entire community of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of UITM.

The official opening of the Jubilee Year will take place on October 7, at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Year 2020/21. The most important events will be the Ceremonial Session of UITM Senate and the Jubilee Gala, where we will not only reminisce about our great past but also celebrate and plan the future. The official celebrations will end with the UITM Jubilee Alumni Reunion and then the 25th Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Year. 

What is more, there are also numerous academic events scheduled for the upcoming year, such as academic celebrations, science conferences, seminars, open lectures, sports competitions, and art contests. We have prepared a special program for the occasion of the Jubilee. These events will be a perfect chance to present our achievements and to find potential possibilities, cooperating with the local businesses.

The current epidemical situation forced us to be flexible. We had to plan the Events Agenda while keeping in mind the safety and health of the participants. Therefore, the dates and the specifics of the events prepared are still unclear. The final decision will be made as soon as the epidemical situation allows us to do so. We encourage you to follow the current information about the functioning of the University and the events associated with the Jubilee celebration.

We believe that despite this difficult epidemical situation, this year will be a great occasion to improve the bonds between the University and the whole Podkarpackie province community.