PEOPLE are the heart of our University – full of passion, commitment and faith; ensuring that they do has meaning and value.

This is because UITM is US:

Lecturers – willing to spread their wealth of knowledge to the next generations and share their experiences. Ph.D. students – full of passion, ready to pursue their professional careers. Students – acquiring knowledge during classes and then testing their skills during the exams. Administrative staff – always kind, ready to help in times of need. Graduates – confidently and proudly walking into the future.

The celebration of our 25th anniversary jubilee as a university is a great opportunity to tighten ties, get to know each other and look at the University from the perspective of another person.

The academic community of UITM consists of over 60,000 wonderful People: Teachers, Students and Doctoral students, Administrative employees, and Alumni of our University. The joys, experiences, and memories of each of these people constitute a 25-year history card of UITM. To collect them all, we launched the electronic album “UITM is Us – Tell us your story”, the purpose of which is to present – in text or video form – memories, anecdotes, and stories related to both the university life and the private life.

We invite all of you to join the celebration of the Jubilee of UITM – because the history of each of you is the history of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów!

Let’s join in building the sentimental value and academic heritage of UITM together.