The 25th anniversary of our University gives us a reason to be truly proud of. It is undoubtedly something that we want to be proud of. We know that nothing is given once and for all, the world is not standing still. There are many exciting opportunities ahead of us.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

25 years ago, the capital city of Podkarpackie Province gained an innovative higher educational institution. The institution with a practical and modern approach to education,  which prepares students to take on challenges in the constantly changing world. At that time, Poland was at the beginning of democratic reality and was not a member of the European Union. In this difficult but also breaking new grounds period, prof. Tadeusz Pomianek- the Creator and Co-founder of UITM in Rzeszów- already in 1990, in accordance with the maxim Tak naprawdę wszystko zależy od ludzi [eng. Everything depends on people] – created The Rzeszów School of Managers.The statutory goal of the school was to prepare various entities to run business in the emerging market economy and to educate staff capable of taking on the challenges of transformation. The Rzeszów School of Managers, and then the Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship established on its basis (May 8, 1992), passed the exam with flying colours, and the measure of the achieved success was the training of nearly 15 thousand people (mainly in the field of management, finance, IT and marketing) and creating the largest business support network in Poland.

Thanks to our determination and perseverance, this year, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The University of Information Technology and Management was established on 8 March 1996 as a result of the goals pursued by the founders. It is also a consequence of the revolutionary vision which focussed on assistance in the implementation of difficult restructuring processes of south-eastern Poland. The creation of the University of Information Technology and Management was based on the highly- trained staff of School for Managers in Rzeszów. The main concept was to train the people who would be able to take on new challenges that had arisen in democratic Poland. Professor’s Pomianek’s mission was to connect the local entrepreneurs and professionals- practitioners, scientists, and experts, who would strive for one goal: the implementation of commonly understood international cooperation.

We will be celebrating the 25th jubilee of UITM in the upcoming academic year of 2020/2021. It is an extraordinary anniversary for the whole academic community and the obvious reason to be proud of it. It is also the time of summing up and planning for the future because as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, He who moves not forward goes backward

Nowadays, the University of Information Technology and Management is a growing and powerful institution, responding to socio-economic challenges. In 1996, 2500 students were admitted to UITM. At this time, the students could choose among three study fields: Economy, Information Technology, and Administration. We could talk and talk about the statistics. However, I would like to highlight that during the last 25 years, UITM did not take this success for granted and obtained rights of conferring 47 degrees(including 11 master’s degrees and the right to confer a doctoral degree in the field of social communication and media studies). Thanks to this, our institution obtained the status of a university.

We launched new fields of study in the English language in 2004. The fields of study in the English language have been continued until today. Currently, UITM educates nearly 1,500 foreigners from over 50 countries. Therefore, we can pride ourselves on being one of the most internationalized universities in Poland. Candidates from Ukraine, India, China, and even Africa are provided not only with one of the best higher education systems in the world but also they are introduced to Polish culture and traditions. What is more, they can learn Polish. We aim to educate every student comprehensively and flexibly, no matter where he or she comes from. We teach effectively and responsibly while taking into account the current needs of the labor market. We pride ourselves on having a great alumni community. Over fifty thousand people are running their businesses, working as well as officials, and small companies employees. Our alumni are scattered across the World, from the Bieszczady Mountains, through Hollywood and Australia.

We develop science, conduct research, participate in national and international projects, we invite experts from the farthest corners of the world as well as representatives of local businesses and local governments to cooperate.

We build social and economic awareness among the youngest citizens by conducting classes at the Rzeszów Academy of Inspiration, and we also provide a special offer to seniors who attend the Academy 50+ classes.

The 25th anniversary is a reason to be proud of. Undoubtedly, we are proud of it today. We are also aware that nothing is given once and for all. The World is not standing still and many potential opportunities are still ahead of us. We still want to closely observe what is happening around us and to actively react and respond to the needs of business and science. We want to show all people that getting a good education is a priceless value nowadays. Or maybe today, in this demanding period, proper education and the ability to critically evaluate phenomena are particularly important?

We have handled the difficult year. Like everyone in the World, we were forced to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. We had to respond immediately to constantly changing circumstances and new challenges. We were afraid of what each new day would bring. We have learned to react quickly to changing circumstances. We were constantly guided by two main goals – the necessity to continue the education process on the highest level and maintaining the safety and well-being of the whole academic community. I am proud to admit that we have achieved our goals. What is more, we passed this difficult and unannounced exam with flying colours.

The key to fighting the spread of Coronavirus was an active observation of the constantly changing global educational trends and the immediate introduction of remote learning. It has not been a novelty for us. These procedures let us accelerate and improve the processes that we have already known well. We have survived this difficult year together. What is more, We have not lost the trust with which we look forward to the future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who, with their hard work, talent, or ordinary human kindness, contribute to the development of our University every day. I would like to emphasize the word “our”. This is our joint work, which is supported not only by the President, Founder of the University, Rectors, and Deans, but also professors, academic teachers, administrative staff, retired employees, and especially, by the great number of students and graduates. I am convinced that but for the talent, creative work, and commitment of a wide group of people, we would not have been able to create and develop one of the best private universities in Poland. I want to thank these people greatly today. I am also expressing my deepest appreciation to them. Let us also gratefully remember all those outstanding members of the UITM community, who are no longer with us, and whose work at this university not only contributed to its development but changed and shaped those of us who had the honour to learn from them and work with them.


of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów

Wergiliusz Gołąbek

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the very end, I wish you the best, as we move on together and create the history and memories of UITM, which will lead us to the next jubilees. Above all, I wish you persistence and job satisfaction, professional and personal success. Because every personal success of our community member is the success of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.

All the best, our dear Alma Mater!